Recipe Exchange: Penguin Poppers


The Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange is BACK! Yay!! I’m happy to once again join with Little House on the Prairie Living and share recipes far and wide! :>

These little cuties I discovered on Pinterest, which led me to this site. and they were a big hit at our church Christmas party. I was also going to make them for Christmas day, as my mother-in-law is a big penguin fan, but I was WAY behind this year with less time after Thanksgiving, an unexpected week in Oregon and a week of not feeling up to much, so I didn’t get to them. I’ll make them for her another time though. :>

These Penguin Poppers are easy, but they do take some time and patience, especially filling the cut olives. You can use any olive sizes, as long they are two DIFFERENT sizes. (It can be hard to find the Colossal size they suggest). And I don’t know HOW she kept her olives so wet and shiny with all of the finger handling!!


Winter has just begun. Make some of these today!! Surprise your kids with this healthy and adorable treat!!

Post image for Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange 1/7

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