Modest Monday: Blue Christmas Outfit and Cameo Flexi Clip


After a much needed break for Christmas, birthday and New Year’s, relatives have all returned home, my Sweetie and I have settled back into our routines, and Modest Monday is back!! I still have one event left…celebrating with a friend our two December birthdays at a local Tea Room this week!! We can. not. wait!! Whoo Hoo!!

So, even though this was technically a Christmas outfit for me on two different occasions, and I didn’t have time to share it because of all of the fun busyness with family, I figured I’d share it anyway because it can be worn anytime really. As I’ve mentioned before, I like blue and white for Christmas since Jesus Christ was a Jew and those are the Jewish colors, so I call them the original Christmas colors. :> Although, if it’s true that the reason the English chose red and green is because they were bringing in greenery and red berries for decorating, I’m all for that, especially being an Oregon transplant living in California and missing evergreens so much!! And the SMELL!!!!  It HAS to be a REAL tree!! :>

Anyway, back to the outfit:




It can be tricky dressing Christmasy on these hot California “winter” days too, so I was happy to come up with a new outfit this year!

I won this Cameo Lila Rose Flexi Clip from The Modest Mom’s and Deborah and Co.’s  Caroline

Skirt $1 last year and the necklace this year at Walmart

Cardigan from several years ago from?

Tank from a thrift store several years ago

Shoes: Sanita’s

Snowflake earrings: gift

Joy/Nativity pin: Kohl’s last year or year before

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!


pleated poppy

Homemaking Party @ Hope In Every Season

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