Modest Monday: Green Christmas Plaid


It’s Modest Monday time…even though it’s Tuesday. Haha! My to do list is so long everyday, I just try to squeeze the posts in whenever I have a chance. I wore this outfit to two Christmas parties over the weekend, my Sweetie’s company party and our church party on Sunday after church. I love the old fashioned plaid for Christmas! This skirt is actually a part of my newish Irish dance costume that I sewed a couple of years ago, but I just temporarily refashioned it for Christmastime. :>


I couldn’t find one of my nativity earrings yet this year, but I still wore my pin!


And I just bought the necklace at Walmart a couple of weeks ago, as I need more longer necklaces. I think the snowflake earrings are from Avon, a gift a few years ago.


And I bought these boots at Payless last year. I LOVE them!!


I found the little cardigan/shrug at Ross, and I’m wearing a high necked t-shirt under it. It was a fun and festive dressier outfit for Christmastime.

Do you have fun Christmas outfits you like to wear??


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