Modest Monday: Blue Plaid Skirt and Boots

DSCN1094 This week I finally broke out some of my winter items. It was a  bit too warm on the way to church, but then the sun went away and it was cold enough for this outfit. Yay! I even had to add a few warmer items as we headed out for our tree. It’s so nice to have a change…and to wear my BOOTS! :> DSCN1083 I like blue and white for Christmas because they’re the original Christmas colors, as they’re Jewish colors and Jesus Christ was Jewish. :> Foot pop!! DSCN1084_2 This outfit also reminded me of the modern Anne of Greene Gables/Avonlea posts of a few weeks ago. :> You can wear this outfit for church, a Christmas party or change a few things and it can work for everyday. It’s so comfortable and easy to move around in as well. DSCN1093 DSCN1089 Skirt: Kohl’s Boots: PayLess Necklace and Black top: WalMart Cardigan: Target Earrings: ? Joy Nativity pin: Kohl’s  ( I actually have a complete set of Nativity jewelry from Kohl’s)

Bramblewood Fashion


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