Favorite Childhood Books


I recently came across some of my favorite books growing up while cleaning. My family was a huge book reading family. I can not remember a day that my mom didn’t read aloud to us! When the bookmobile rolled around near our school, or those special days when we would take a trip to the BIG Portland library downtown, we each checked out the maximum number aloud. And were ready to to the same thing the next time around! I’m still an avid reader, and ALWAYS read before I go to sleep.

So here are a few of my childhood favorites:

“Why Do You Love Me” is the first book I remember reading and was a reminder of my life before my new family at 3 years old. A reminder of the mother and sister I spent the first 3 years with. A tie to my past and first family.


I had 3 favorite fairytale books as a kid: Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and…Snow White and Rose Red. I was able to see the first on film as a young child, the second in college when friends surprised me for my birthday and took me to see it in the ’90’s. But I’m still waiting for the third to become a film for me. And it turns out…I still love it!



This sweet book I discovered later through one of my younger siblings (I have 10). Sweet pioneer family, dolls, a redhead, quilts, etc.


And I had a couple of personalized Sesame Street books, with my name, siblings cousins, pets all included in the stories.




I also adored “Baby Island” by Carol Ryrie Brink”, “On the Banks of Plum Creek”  by Laura Ingalls Wilder and “Fifteen” and “Jean and Johnny” by local Portland author Beverly Cleary! And I’m sure I’ll think of more favorites after I publish this. :>

Happy reading!


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