Modest Monday: Autumn Style


Finally another Modest Monday post! We took these photos after church and the Oktoberfest, that wasn’t really an Oktoberfest. Last year they added German music and food, but this year they went back a street fair with live music, but not German. It was a bit misty, so my hair was a bit weird, and I was tired of smiling, so these are the best shots we took. Also my Sweetie is out of practice, so we had a lot of review happening. But, here you go!


I can’t remember where I bought this dress. My Sweetie calls it my African dress, I think of it as Autumn colored and super cool fabric for hot days. I’m wearing a Halftee underneath and a fancy cardi from Ross. Also gold hoop earrings with black beads and Sanita shoes.

And I pinned on one of these leaf pins from my SHOP!


Happy Monday and happy Autumn!

Update 10-4-15: I wore this outfit again today paired with these necklaces from my sister-in-law. They’re perfect!!


And I thought I was FINALLY wearing my hair down, because it was supposed to be rainy and cloudy, but instead it was hot and sunny…sigh. So, up the hair went again.




4 thoughts on “Modest Monday: Autumn Style

  1. Very pretty outfit! The necklaces add that special touch of femininity. I have recently cut my hair shoulder length & I am looking for ways to dress myself up some more. I think I might have to try a necklace. πŸ™‚

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