New Storybook Playsets for the Shop


After many distractions, gift making, traveling and many local events, I have FINALLY been working on these adorable Storybook House Playsets! And more stories are on the way, once I get over this flu I’m dealing with at the moment.  The first set to enter the SHOP, is Gretel and the House of Sweets! Adorable colors and cute dolls make for a fun play time for any girl!


Each house has a “home” wall, “wall papered” walls and a play mat.


A certain little Sweetheart ADORED her Goldilocks and the 3 Bears House! We even rifled through her other toys for furniture and accessories for extra fun playtime!


You may notice we turned one of the little skirts into a lamp shade! And Rapunzel loves her pool and Little Bear loves her bed!:>





For this sweet girl’s birthday gift, I also made a bonus Rapunzel doll, as she considers herself Rapunzel!! She chose this set the very day I bought the fabric, and months later, she was still in love with it as I presented the gift to her. So sweet!

And here’s a taste of what is yet to come:


I’ve been so excited about these for months! They are just so adorable!!! I think I’m especially in love with Red Riding Hood!!!

Do these put a smile on your face? My face smiles EVERY time I look at ANY of them! :>


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