New Shop Items Coming Very Soon!


A sneak peak at the new items I’ve been working on for the SHOP! You’ll be seeing the finished products VERY soon!


So much adorableness!!

My little 6 year old sweetie begged for one when I showed the fabric to her big sister months ago, made her choice…and waited. I told she could have one for her birthday, months away. To her impatient credit, she did, and never mentioned it again. She didn’t forget though…this girl has the memory of an elephant!!


I started by making one as a gift, but didn’t like the final product. So, I went back to the drawing board, tweaked a few things, and came up with one I could be proud to give! It did take me longer, but I’m used to creating my own patterns or tweaking things to suit my style, so that’s okay. I just felt bad that she had to wait. I did give her the finished dolls as a teaser though. :>


Cuteness coming soon…

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