Feminine and Modest Game Day


I’m a Duck. I’m from Oregon AND I studied Dance and Elementary Education at the University of Oregon. I planned to be a wife and mom, but teach dance until then. I did eventually marry at 31 and have taught ballet, tap and Irish Step dancing. I was even blessed with a precious little darling girl for 16 months of her life. But. of course, my life did not turn out the way I planned, but the way GOD planned!

So why am I talking about the Ducks? As an Oregonian and a Duck living in California, I get excited about the football games we sometimes get to see on TV here. Today’s game is the first one for me and I’ve had to figure out the issue of team spirit yet again. I don’t normally wear t-shirts. They’re unflattering and not feminine in any way! I do my best, but ugh! So I went on a search for something more feminine to wear on game days, and found a cute dress! I will have to alter it a bit, as I waited too long and they ran out of my size, and I’ll wear a Haftee underneath for modesty. And I can wear it in support of my home state in general, not just on game days. That helps with the price, and I LOVE green. I showed it to my Sweetie and it turns out he doesn’t really like seeing me in  my Ducks t-shirt. He likes me to look like a girl! Decision made!! So now I’ just waiting for the new dress to arrive! Besides, I wear skirts or dresses most of the time, so it’s great. I do sometimes wear pants that are modest, if a top “hides the hiney,” as another blogger terms it. My goals for clothing are modesty and femininity, as I’m a Christ Follower and a lady.

My Ducks t-shirt is modest enough, but far from feminine, as my Sweetie definitely noticed!! :>

So here’s the dress I’m waiting for:


From Shop.GoDucks.com

The package that DID arrive today was my 3rd book to review from Bethany House Publishers by my FAVORITE author!!! Yippie!!!


Look, she’s wearing GREEN!!!

Happy Saturday and GO DUCKS!!

modest mondays 3


Hello to Monday with Lisa Leonard

pleated poppy




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