Birthday Celebrations


Last weekend we celebrated my Sweetie’s birthday. I had one idea for his cake, but he wasn’t to excited about it, so he gave me some ideas of what he would like. Basically some different cakes I’ve made for him other years. I decided to combine a couple of ideas into one… and add a new one.

I decided to take the “easy” route…haha! Every time I pick the easy choice, something goes wrong to make it stressful…and NOT easy!

I bought an Angel Food Cake, and made a Chocolate Malt Icing, (instead of making my Chocolate Malt Cake). I used my Sweetie’s aunt’s trusted Buttercream Icing recipe, and added cocoa powder and malt powder to it. Yummy!!










After a full morning of running slides for both services at church, we met up with family and heading out for steak at Tahoe Joe’s, topped off by a slice of their AMAZING Ski Jump Chocolate Ganache Cake! split 5 ways! Then home for gifts, a slide show of 1/3 of our European photos and this cake with Tillamook’s Udderly Chocolate ice cream (still known as Brown Cow to me). Ironically, I now eat Brown Cow maple yogurt, and I feel like a traitor, since they’re the reason Tillamook changed the name!!



Then I tried this adorable idea for Meringue Mushrooms from Criottes Pallette Culinaire. My Sweetie LOVES meringue! And this is where the troubles began! I should have just used my own recipe, but I didn’t feel like digging it out. Oh, but it would have saved me so much trouble and work. Meringue is a bit persnickety, but still easy, unless you use this recipe…and it’s a very muggy day.


They looked BEAUTIFUL! But they were too sticky to work with, so I put them in the oven overnight. The benefits of a gas oven that is always slightly warm.  They were dried out enough in the morning to work with, and I came up with a toothpick trick that helped. But when I packed everything up to transport to the in-law’s, their kitchen was so warm that the beautiful mushrooms melted so much I was only able to salvage 4 for decorating the cake. 4 is better than none!


Not a perfect result, but doable, and he was happy with the cake, but not the stress I encountered. He was even understanding when I said I just couldn’t bear to add anymore red to the mushroom tops, so they were sort of pink. Understanding husbands are great!


I also added sprinkles around the base of the cake to act as grass and daisies. There would have been mushrooms interspersed in the grass if more had survived. And I noticed afterward a couple of spots not quite covered by the icing…oops!



I scattered some pop rocks around because we were 70’s kids! My sister-in-law thought the cake reminded her of my phone case! :>

Here’s the yummy icing recipe:

Chocolate Malt Buttercream Icing

3 cups icing sugar

1/3 cup softened butter, unsalted is better

1-3 Tbl heated milk

(1 tsp vanilla, if you’re making a vanilla buttercream)

1 heaping Tbl cocoa powder

1 heaping Tbl malt powder

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and enjoy!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!



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