Ireland: Day 3 – Kells and a Surprise Visit

P1010512Kells Church

On our 3rd day, we slept late after getting in late the night before. Slow going with planning the day and getting out the door. We went in to Athboy so my Sweetie could get a haircut at the place our friend gets his hair cut. Leta and I stopped by the charity shop (thrift store, they have them now!) and Centra market while we waited. It’s always fun perusing the isles looking for old favorites and new things to try!

Then we popped by the Fordstown post office to surprise my friend June who now, along with her husband owns it, combined with the newsagent. That was a surprise to me! June and I used to go on long cycles together when I lived there. We had lovely chats and I had lovely chats with her parents also. We would meet at her parent’s house, go off on our cycle, then split up and each head home. I’ve really missed those times with her these past nearly 17 years! :>

So…I just popped my head in and caught her eye…and she was quite shocked, if you want to know the truth! I had just found her address and my lost address book too close to the trip, so she had no idea I was coming! It was lovely seeing her, and we chatted like we had never been apart!

I was overcome with wonderful emotions and smiles as we headed out to Kells next.

We found this Ferrall beneath the Kells Cross, so maybe the spelling of our name wasn’t changed to Ferrel at Ellis Island after all…who knows?


Kells Market Cross: It’s been moved to the courthouse since I lived there.


The Kells Parochial (Anglican) National School the missionary kids attended:


The Trinity symbol and GREEN PINE needles at the graveyard near the round tower:


The Round Tower:


Looking up the Round Tower:


More perusing of food! We didn’t buy this, but it would have made a lovely birthday cake for my Sweetie in August, as he adores Cadbury Flake! They’ve FINALLY branched out away from fruit cake!! Yay!


End day 3.

Enjoy this short post, because the next one has LOADS of photos!!!



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