Modest Monday: Pink and White


I was going to hold off a bit longer on modesty posts, and move forward with the Ireland posts, but I decided to sneak one in anyway, as I’ve missed them! I’ll still post some Ireland photos today as well! :>

Here’s what I wore to church yesterday: pink and white theme. I just HAD to make a quick hair flower for the side pony!


I love my new white cardigan from WalMart, and the necklace I won from The Shopping Lounge has pink flowers on it so I got to wear it!





I really wanted to wear my white wedges, but alas, with my heel and arch issues, plus an injury from all of the daily walking in Europe, I had to revert to my less clunky Sanita’s instead. Sometimes you can’t wear the shoes that look the best!

Overall, I was pretty happy with the “new” outfit! :>

modest mondays 3


Jesse Wilcox Smith~ On His Knee


2 thoughts on “Modest Monday: Pink and White

  1. What a pretty outfit! I love pink and I think it looks so feminine! I love your shoes, too. They are very cute. Enjoyed your blog and will be back to read more. Blessings!

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