Modest Monday: Our Heroes


I’m donating my Modest Monday post for this week to the heroes who have given their lives to protect our freedoms. As the days pass, we are recognizing more and more just how precious those freedoms are, and our need to protect them becomes more clear every single day. I’m thankful that there are people willing to risk, and even give their lives to keep us safe!


Credit: I found this one on Facebook…


I love this shirt (from WalMart a few years ago?), because they added femininity to it with the flowers. I don’t look for the usual Americana clothing, but something modest and feminine!


I added my adorable cowgirl boots from Kohl’s with my  thrifted denim skirt. :>


I don’t often wear denim, not my favorite, but I like to wear it for “Americana” holidays.


Our town has an amazing Memorial Day program every year!



As you enjoy this day of family and relaxation, also take a moment to be thankful for the people that choose to fight for our protection every day. And thank God for being the ultimate Protector and life giver, who gave the ultimate sacrifice when His Son gave His life to save ALL of us! I choose to follow Him and receive the benefits of being called His child and receiving His forgiveness.

Thank you to the soldiers who follow in Christ’s example of being willing to sacrifice their lives for my benefit!

modest mondays 3



Welcome Home Wednesdays

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