Modest Monday: My Made Over Bathing Suit in Real Life



Summer is coming, we have bouts of summer-like off and on all year long here on the central coast of California.  So this week I’m sharing more photos of the bathing suit I made over to be more modest, without wearing a tank top underneath. More about that HERE. I still haven’t found long, brown shorts in the right fabric, but maybe someday…


I added sleeves, a modesty triangle, raised the back, sewed a skirt to the top to make it a lot longer and looser, and added long shorts. It’s so freeing to wear something cute, feminine and non-embarassing in public! It’s very ’60’s style, the cute ’60’s style I have always loved.


No cover-up necessary! :>


I loved this pattern from the moment I saw it, and then I read the name on the tag…”Chocolate Tea Party” – SOLD!!! Now that I’ve remade it, I thoroughly LOVE it with no reservations!! I am happy to please God in this way. It has always bothered me that most bathing suits are more like wearing underwear in public, but this is more like a cute, modest outfit that dries quickly! Yay!! Happy Swimming!!

Update: It turns out I made over my bathing suit in the style of one from the ’20’s: the 3rd one on this page, the 1922 one!  I also like the 1962, white one with pink flowers and the adorable yellow one! It’s always fun seeing anything from Jantzen, since I grew right near Jantzen Beach, which was a mall by the time I was old enough to care, but used to be an amusement park when my mom was a teenager. The Jantzen swim brand began in Portland, Oregon, my hometown! Pop over to Fuzzy Lizzie Vintage Clothing for adorable, modest inspiration!!


pleated poppy




9 thoughts on “Modest Monday: My Made Over Bathing Suit in Real Life

  1. Very beautiful, I to am a full size women and very big busted and would love to know more about how you made this .
    I went to school with you at Jefferson High School you may remember me better as TJ Einfeldt or Tanja Einfeldt.

    • This was a post for reporting to Tiffanie and her swim wear. I am sorry if I was not clear as to where I was going or not with my post . I live in Oregon and now live in Iowa and I would love to have swimwear that would look nice and modest but still give my life of the out doors and water some beauty.

    • I thought that was you Tanja! Did you you click through on the link to the post with the tutorial? I basically took the top part of a tankini style top and added it to a skirt a size larger than I would normally wear. Used the leftover fabric for a modesty triangle and sleeves and paired it with workout shorts. That’s the basic idea, but I show some of the steps in the tutorial. :>

      • That was great I just finished reading. I must say you have talent and vision. When I look at things I try to find the music in them , I am not sure how you do it but that was great work.

  2. An idea for those who DON’T SEW, is to take an empire waist suit top that isn’t tight and wear it over a snug workout shirt with sleeves and a modest neckline, then add knee length workout shorts. The workout fabric works better than a cotton or some such fabric. I wish I could actually find brown bathing suit fabric or shorts, but so far nothing. Happy Swimming!

  3. Resource ideas from Amanda Jane: “I made my own swimsuit a couple years ago and made one for my sister as well. I’m making one for a friend this year. It really is so freeing to not have this feeling of being immodest when at the beach or pool. If you’re looking for a good pattern sight you should check out Fresh Modesty. The teen writer (well, I think she’s 20 now) wrote her own and it’s fantastic. Has directions for shorts and everything. And, included in the book, she gives her favorite websites to order fabric from. I haven’t ordered any (shipping is horrendous to Canada) but I’ve managed to find what I want on Ebay or in the stores here. Enjoyed these posts today. =)”

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