My Windsor Bouquet Purse





At the end of last year I went to a couple of Thirty One parties. I learned that their name comes from Proverbs 31. Isn’t that cool?! I never knew much about them, and don’t need more bags, especially giant ones, but I figured I’d be able to find SOMETHING! I turned out that there were only 2 patterns that were my style and one was being discontinued, my FAVORITE. WHAT??!!!  I was so disappointed! And just about everything I was interested in did NOT come in that pattern! UGH!



A couple of things I did end up buying were this Zipper Pouch and Key Fob, both in the Windsor Bouquet pattern. I am just in love with this pattern!!!!!

I hadn’t decided how I would use them, but I bought them anyway, since I loved the pattern and it was going away. Then I started thinking…the key fob comes with a pretty good strip of fabric, so…maybe I could turn a couple of them into a strap and make a purse out of my purchases. I would LOVE that!! So that’s what I did. I bought another key fob from Ebay, ripped out the seams and removed the ring. Then I sewed the straps together (which does take away from the “perfect” look, but I think I can live with it), turned under the other ends and attached my new “strap” to my new “purse.” Voila, a pretty, new purse!!

It has it’s debut last week, and I LOVE it!! It’s EXACTLY the right size for me and my “stuff!” And I received a couple of compliments on it in town on Monday. They knew it was from Thirty One, but hadn’t remembered a purse like that for sale. Because it wasn’t! ;>


Attaching the straps was a bit tricky because of the corners and zipper combination, but by being patient, I was still able to sew them on sturdily with 2 parallel, back stitched seams.


I noticed after taking the photo that there is a loose thread making my sewing job look messy, but, oh well, you get the idea. :>




Oh, and 2 other things I really love about it are that it’s a canvas fabric, great texture, and plastic/vinyl inside, so easy to wipe down if necessary.



Do you ever see the potential to change something into something you could love even more after the alteration? I do this ALL OF THE TIME!! :>

Soon I’ll be sharing my new purse/camera bag creation with you! If you can’t find what you want, make it yourself..that’s my motto!

Hello Monday with Lisa Leonard





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