A Day Full of Fun and Pretties



It’s been a busy couple of weeks with some wonderful time with visiting family from my side and then from my Sweetie’s side. Then today, our desert-y town felt beachy, with cool breezes and more of a beach feel. I love it when we have this kind of day! I had a long lunch visit with a sweet friend, and as I left her house I found two little gems I didn’t expect to find here. Maybe in Portland, but not here in this desert-y town..lovely pink flowers on the side of a house (Cecil Bruners, I think) and roses along a white, picket fence. LOVE X A MILLION!!! Very much more my style!!




My day was topped off my an encouraging and challenging Bible Study closing James and preparing for 1 Peter with overviews of the lives of Corrie Ten Boom and Elisabeth Elliot!!!  For a day that emerged after very little sleep, it turned out great!! :>







Hello Monday with Lisa Leonard


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