Seeing Our Courtship Days Through the Eyes of Family


Ever since the first Valentine’s Day card, we’ve had a mouse and mushroom theme, my Sweetie and I!

We spent the weekend with family and had a FABULOUS time!! It’s always so fun to get together and this time we all met up at my in-laws in Southern California and it felt so much like our old Christmas gatherings before the cousins married and spent Christmases elsewhere. We were all feeling nostalgic and happy! A wonderful time together!

In the driveway at my in-law’s house.


The “young-ins” tooled around Downtown Disney on Saturday night, making it seem even more like our old gatherings where we’d ALL troupe off to Disneyland, amidst all of the beautiful Christmas decorations. The highlights of the night were the Swing Dancers and the Beignets! I love hanging out with people who love the same things I do! :> We ALL wanted to watch those dancers forever, not just THIS dancer! They also loved the Rainforest Cafe.

It was dark, but we were respectful and didn’t use the flash. This is with my phone using Instagram.


I think I’ve said this before, but my cousin-in-law and I are more like sisters and best friends, and she and my Sweetie have always been close. I became friends with her before I even knew he existed! She’s just great, which makes her a perfect person to take a vacation with, which we are!! We are going to have so much fun! Yay! :> ANYWAY, we both LOVE taking photos and it’s great to meander around with someone who understands that, because some people get kind of irritated by it. We both did a lot of Instagramming over the weekend! We felt better once we saw that we were both going overboard with it!!

Driveway flowers.




On Sunday. at one point, the 4 ladies ended up in the living room chatting without the men, and somehow we were talking about the days after I met my Sweetie, but we weren’t committed to each other yet. My Sweetie’s Aunt told me a couple of things I didn’t remember, my cousin-in-law had an insight I never wondered if she had, yet it fascinated me just the same and we reminisced about how I needed her to meet my Sweetie and she needed us to get the job in the shop her future husband came into to meet her! Life and connections are so fascinating! I felt like that was a fun and special time together, just hours before we had to head for home. Such sweet people and moments shared. Little treasures from God to us. :>

A perfect match!


I thoroughly enjoyed that moment, but I don’t know if I would have shared it here or just allowed it to slip away as life closes in again. But when I saw Kendra’s email reminder about Matrimonial Monday at A Proverbs 31 Wife, I knew this was a great moment to share. And sharing helps me remember for myself. Writing things down keeps them fresher and more clear in our minds, and helps ensure that we’ll have them even when loved ones are gone. It’s so much fun hearing about certain events from many different viewpoints. Everyone sees something the others miss!! These are the joys of FAMILY…and MARRIAGE!!

Have you learned new things from your family about other family members or you and your sweetie? What makes your family special?

PhotobucketHello Monday with Lisa Leonard



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