My New Sanitas



My New Sanitas have arrived! I tried the Marcelle style before in a patent leather, but they were so stiff I could barely walk. My knees were in so much pain I had to return them. But I really wanted a closed toe, closed heel style, so I decided to give them another try. It makes it easier knowing that my favorite Sanita deals website offers a 2 month walking trial for those too far away to try on in store. So, $40 and 2 months to walk around in my normal life, not just indoors? I went for it!


And guess what? I LOVE this pair! I guess the leather is softer so I have the give I need along with the support I need! So far, so good!! I think this pair will be staying with me!!! :>


Do you like Sanitas or Danskos? Sanita is a Danish company and the one who used to make Danskos until Dansko moved their work to China a few years ago. Visit the Footprints website for great deals! It’s my favorite site for these brands!




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