Recipe Exchange: Ham and Egg Bagel Sandwich


Today’s recipe for the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange is so easy, I kind of don’t consider it a real “recipe” because it’s so easy, but here you go anyway! :>

You can make this with any bagel, an English muffin, toast or whatever, but this time (which was a few months ago, actually), I used a super yummy asiago bagel from Panera Bread as a special treat! This whole sandwich was a special treat for me! Mmmmm.

It’s extra easy if you have a little egg pan like my Sweetie does. He’s funny!

2 eggs

Some cheese, your choice ( I used a shredded mix)

Part of a ham steak, cut to size

Bagel, sliced and toasted

**Crack the eggs into the pan and add a pinch of salt and pepper, and cook completely. Sprinkle on the cheese so it melts. Meanwhile. Heat the ham, (or you can brown it the way I like, for the grilled-type flavor, yummy).ย  Layer everything onto the bottom half of the bagel, place the top on it and enjoy!



What’s cooking at your house?



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