Modest Monday: Lavender Loveliness


Another warm sunny day and summery outfit for Modest Monday! The cardigan I wore over this dress was actually a bit too warm for the day Sunday, and not my favorite style, but it looks like I’ve lost my go-to, thin little cardigan. I don’t know what I’m going to do! Good thing I didn’t throw this out last week when I was, once again contemplating it.




Side ponytail with my Flexi Clip.



Since we were shooting rings, here’s my not-matching wedding ring!


The dress: Target

Cardigan: ?

Locket Necklace: Forever 21

Pinkish/Lavenderish Claddagh Ring: Oktoberfest Street Faire (bringing my Irish roots)

Earrings: Craft Faire

Shoes: Sanitas from Footprints

Hair: Plumera Flexi Clip

Do you have favorite accessories or a favorite way to accessorize?

Matrimonial Monday 25






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