Modest Monday: Denim Dress and Flowered Scarf




Welcome to Monday! That means it’s Modest Monday time! This week I thought I would repeat some of my thoughts about why I feel the need to be modest as I have  many new readers since last June. Also, I am posting a repeat outfit, but worn in a different way and with way better photos. My Sweetie and I took the photos at our local Sweet Springs Nature Reserve, a favorite of ours :> We always have the challenge of snapping a photo mid-gust here at the beach, but I’d rather have wind than live without a beach!

The Bible calls us to dress modestly, and it is a daily act of obedience for me to dress modestly and femininely. Sometimes I just don’t feel like it, or I worry about what others will think. but I know in my heart I need to obey what God is telling me to do.

I’ve heard a lot of people say they can’t FIND modest clothing, and I admit it’s a challenge sometimes, but it IS possible! It may take more work and a few sewing skills sometimes, but it can be done. The easiest way to make MANY things more modest, is just to add a tank top that comes up high enough, a Halftee or Cami Secret to your outfit.

Today’s outfit is a empire waist denim dress with an A-line skirt from Sears on clearance  several years ago. It is a great style for me! I wore a pale pink tank with it from Jockey, that you can’t really see in the bright sunlight. The flowered scarf was either a gift from my sister-in-law or a thrift store find. The earrings were a gift from my Sweetie from Kohl’s I think. My Sanita dressier looking shoes and Lilla Rose Flexi Clip top off the outfit!




Talking with my hands again!


My Sweetie also liked the wildlife!


What are your modesty tips or struggles?

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5 thoughts on “Modest Monday: Denim Dress and Flowered Scarf

  1. I pretty much live in camis underneath basically everything. One saved the day yesterday when a thin yellow pullover sweater I had recently purchased (without trying on first) was much more thinner and low cut than I had realized. But it ended up looking really cute with a white lace cami underneath. Thank goodness for layers!

  2. Nice outfit! Well I really enjoy dressing modestly but my challenge is dressing more feminine. I wear skirts everyday but the shirts that are more feminine & not just a plain tee shirt are hard to find for me. Do you have any ideas on dressing up a plain tee shirt? Keep up with the posts I truly enjoy reading them & thank you. 🙂

    • Very good question! I’ve noticed that a lot of people who dress modestly and/or in skirts/dresses, don’t really dress very femininely otherwise. A lot of denim or kahki skirts with plain shirts. I have a different mindset, because I believe God calls us to be both modest and feminine, so I try to dress that way. About more feminine tops, they’re harder to find for me too, but they are out there. In the meantime, here are some ideas on ways to dress up your t-shirts:

      Buy the ones with flowers or another feminine pattern.
      Wear a pretty and feminine scarf like I wore above (my way of adding femininity to it).
      Add a long, pretty necklace.
      Some shirts look good with a ribbon tied around, creating an empire waist.
      Tie a pretty belt or scarf around your waist. Deborah and Co. has new feminine belts!
      If you sew, you can add rosettes to the collar and all kinds of other things you can find online.

      Hope that helps!

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