Practical and Precious Time with my Sweetie


Today I talked my Sweetie into taking the photos for my Modest Monday post tomorrow, at our local Sweet Springs Nature Reserve instead of out by our tree. It’s a favorite spot of ours and I thought it would be a nice little outing after church, and a fresh change for the photo taking. We love an opportunity to see Morro Rock! Of course, I said I talked him into it, but then I couldn’t pull him away!! He loves wildlife, AND he had my wonderful new-at-Christmas/birthday camera in his hands, so……..LOTS of wildlife photos! I love that we took this little opportunity to connect by doing something with both love! Taking a little time to do things like this can make all the difference in a relationship, and I know we need some time to connect with each other often, amidst all of the other things pulling at us. I’m really thankful for my Sweetie and this time we had together today!

Here are some of his photos of God’s creation:

Egrets in the wind.



Morro Rock through the haze.


He loved how the winds was ruffling the feathers of the Egrets!



How are you connecting with your Sweetie this week?

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