Modest Monday: Resurrection Day


The Modest Mom had some blog issues, so there isn’t a real Modest Monday today, but I get asked about mine enough that I’m posting anyway. :>

I know I’ve posted this blouse and a similar skirt already, but I feel like I’ve FINALLY found the perfect pairing for it…3 months later!!  At church yesterday, I received MANY compliments on my colorful “dress” so I consider it a success! You may remember, or you may be new here, but I bought this blouse on my birthday trip to Solvang, CA in a cute little boutique at the end of December. It was on clearance for $12 and so pretty and calling my name, that I HAD to buy it as a little birthday treat for myself. My first two thoughts when I saw this blouse were: 1. A fun birthday treat and 2. It would be great for Easter! But the cut is not exactly right for my body type, so I kept thinking I may need to alter it a bit. I was hesitant to do that though, because you can’t go back, and I didn’t want to take any risks with this gorgeous blouse! I love femininity!


So I just kept trying it with different skirts, but it was never really perfect…until now!!!! Yay!! The one skirt I thought would be perfect with it, I thought was the one that wouldn’t, because of the extra fabric on the waistband.


So I was picking out my Easter/Resurrection Day outfit and tried it again, a couple of different ways and…VOILA! I found that if I wear it more like an empire waist, it works perfectly! So perfectly that everyone at church thought it was a dress!!!!










Blouse: Solvang Boutique

Skirt: Old Navy

Earrings: Lisa Leonard Designs

Hair Flower: Handmade Craft Faire

Shoes: Wedges from Mervyn’s

What do you wear to celebrate the the joy of the resurrection of the King of Kings? Flowers? Bright colors? Pastels? Do you buy a new outfit, re-purpose and old one or just wear something you normally wear?

I like to wear my best for Christ on Sundays and something special on Easter, but I don’t always buy something new.


Welcome Home Wednesdays


5 thoughts on “Modest Monday: Resurrection Day

    • My favorite part of the blouse is the ruffles and the rosette. I’ve always loved being feminine! It’s becoming a lost attribute these days. Glad to here your daughter also loves it.

  1. I love this pretty outfit! Thanks so much for linking up. I’ll have the new party up tonight.

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

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