Great Fabric Deal



I love finding great deals on fabric, so when I saw that Picking Daisies was having a “$1.50 bag sale” for their “scraps” I couldn’t wait to get down there and fill a bag! Why do I say “scraps” like that isn’t really what they are? Because some were scraps. but some were pretty good sized pieces of leftover fabric. YAY! I was AMAZED by the amount of fabric I was able to squeeze into that little bag! I thought “Surely they are going to tell me some of my pieces were too big or my bag was too full.” But as usual, these sisters smiled and chatted in a friendly way with me…and I left with a whole bunch of cute fabric for only $150!!! Whoo Hoo!


Side Note: The friendliness and smiles from these two ladies are as fun and uplifting as their festive fabrics and handmade napkins (their trademark)!


AND they had a fun and creative St. Patrick’s Day display with Irish Tea, Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal and a handmade shamrock garland curtain!








This may sound like an advertisement for Picking Daisies, but honestly, they don’t know I’m doing this. And I thought I was just sharing my great find, but in the middle of it I was remembering how nice it always is to pop into their sweet store! So if you love fabric, take a peek!

Do you like to find great deals?




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