Modest Monday: “Irish” Anniversary Date


I planned to write this post about our anniversary days ago, but we’ve been so busy! So I’m incorporating it into this week’s Modest Monday post. We had to put our celebration off for a week, because I was sick on our actual day and the live Irish session only happens one day a week. We like to celebrate with Irish themes since we had an Irish themed wedding during St. Paddy’s week! :>

Here are some of the musicians.


The Irish session plays at a British themed pasty (pass-ty) restaurant which also serves Irish food. I could eat something different there EVERY week! That’s saying a lot from a picky eater! My Sweetie had a local mix, with the Tri Tip Pasty, Santa Maria style. I had one that married the two cultures of Ireland and England,  a Shepherd’s Pie Pasty. And I forgot to take a photo before I devoured half of it! We both LOVED our pasties!!


I did get a photo of the Strawberries and Cream Pasty though! Light, and not too sweet, it was super yummy!


And here’s what I wore for the date night with my sweetheart. We met 18 1/2 years ago and married 14 years ago. Two months after we met, I left for what turned into a 2 year stint as a missionary in Ireland. It was VERY hard to follow through with those plans after meeting the cousin of a friend, shaking his hand and having God tell me he was the one I was going to marry. But, in the end, I obeyed God’s calling and followed through with my plans. It was very hard leaving this person behind, but I don’t regret my time ministering to the Irish and building lifelong friendships! Our marriage hasn’t always been smooth, with the normal struggles plus infertility and job issues, and the 10 year mark was VERY hard to get past. But, with God’s help every single day, we’re still going, and getting stronger! Praise the Lord!!

I found this pretty wrap/scarf and the earrings and necklace on an Irish merchandise website I found about a year and a half ago, and put them on my wishlist for Christmas. As an “Irish” girl,  I’ll wear them anytime, so they are very worth having!



Too bad my Shamrock Bobby Pin is crooked in the photo. Ah well, I didn’t have time to do it all over again. :>

(I sold these pins in the SHOP)



I wrapped my Sweetie’s gift in a bag we bought on our last trip to Ireland 11 years ago.


And Trader Joe’s finally got Bells of Ireland after St. Paddy’s Day!



I’m so thankful to have my loving Sweetheart in my life! That his cousin introduced us, making sure she is permanently in my life as well!

I never tire of “dating” my Sweetheart!! :>

Why are you thankful for your sweetheart?


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