Special Care from my Sweetie


I’ve been shlumping around the house this weekend with a cold, and my sweetie has been great about serving me when I need something, like water with ice and loading cds and dvds for me. He even tackled a couple of much needed house projects, while I was lying on the davenport, and brought me some yummy dinner, because I just couldn’t face the idea of figuring out what to eat anymore.

I truly appreciate all he has done for me these past couple of days!

Thank you sweetie!

4 thoughts on “Special Care from my Sweetie

  1. Awww, this is so sweet. I hope you’re feeling better, Tiffanie. I appreciate that you’re modeling thankfulness for all of us. You’ve inspired me to express my thanks to my spouse today as well. BTW, your hubby must be a great guy!

    • I AM feeling better, thank you! Finally catching up on that missed week also. My Sweetie is used to me taking care of him, so I REALLY appreciate it when he makes that effort for me! He’s a sweetheart! Besides, when you’re sick, it helps to find things to be thankful for in the midst of the grumbling! :>

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