Recipe Exchange: Easy Chicken and Pesto Tortellini


This week’s recipe for the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange with Little House on the Prairie Living is one of those recipes that develops out of cooking for what you have on hand in your pantry. I often do this when planning dinner, throw something together using whatever I have on hand. And it’s great when you get a yummy meal out of it like this Easy Chicken and Pesto Tortellini! I especially love meals like this when it’s just me I’m cooking for. I don’t like to go to a lot of effort for just one! But it’s easy enough to make a larger batch for the family or leftovers as well! To make it REALLY good and extra comforting, I would add Brussels sprouts, but sadly I was out of them. :<

Easy Chicken and Pesto Tortellini

1/2 of a 12.5 oz of canned chicken (or 2 cooked chicken tenderloins)

1 cup of uncooked tortellini

1 good Tbl  pesto

1 Tbl extra virgin olive oil

Dash salt and pepper

1 cup chopped Brussels sprouts

**Boil the tortellini for about 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally so it will cook evenly. Meanwhile, steam or boil the Brussels sprouts for 4 or 5 minutes, until the fork goes in fairly easily, but they are not mushy. Drain the pasta and veggies, put them in the larger pot, add all of the other ingredients and mix together.



Post image for Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange 3/5



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