Modest Monday: Multicolored Peasant Dress


It’s Modest Monday with the Modest Mom again and yesterday I wore a repeat dress, but paired it a bit differently this time. Also, it was posted with my old server iWeb (unavailable), so here it is to a new audience. I was planning to have my Sweetie take the photos again for me, but I forgot to do it before the sun went down. And please pardon the messy braid, I don’t know what happened to it. Sigh.


I bought this dress from Ross for $6.99! It isn’t completely my style, but it was my size and inexpensive. This time I took a top I have in my clothing collection as a costume piece and realized it went great with this dress! Yay, now I have another option to turn this sundress into a regular dress.



I already owned the perfect jewelry when I bought this dress. Win! It’s a pink and brown necklace and earring set and goes perfectly with the outfit. Yay!



I pair this look with my Sanita sandals or an old pair of sandals, as we’ve been having warm weather here. Thankfully, today is the start of nice cool temps, because I get tired of summery sun.


It ended up being breezy after church when we went to see visiting Tall Ships, Lady Washington and Grand Hawaiian docked at a nearby beach. So I wore a brown cardigan from the thrift store several years ago, that came with a matching shell.


How do you use the pieces you own to work together?


pleated poppy



6 thoughts on “Modest Monday: Multicolored Peasant Dress

  1. Tiffanie,
    That is the cutest dress, but what I like best is the color of your gorgeous hair with it. It brings out all the right colors. I need to do a modest dressing post again…it is so much fun to think about how to dress for spring once again. Blessings to you!

    • Thank you so much Jacqueline! Yes, do more modest dressing posts. There are many who simply don’t know how to do it, think it’s too hard. That’s why I feel called to join with the Modest Mom every week! God bless you!

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