Modest Monday and The Amazing Choose Joy Conference


I’m going to do things a bit differently today for Modest Monday, because I just can’t wait to talk about the Choose Joy Conference I attended on Saturday! What a blessing that was for me. And as I was thinking about a Modest Monday post, I realized that everyone at the conference was dressed very modestly! These women really showed that you can be fashionable and fun, while still being modest the way God calls us to be.


This conference did not go exactly the way I pictured it, or planned it in my head, but IT WAS FABULOUS!! My favorite take away tidbits? The “Living Hannah’s Prayer” session and being in a room full of other women who get it. Being free to feel the feelings and talk about my story. Sharing your “mom” story makes most people uncomfortable, if you aren’t a mom anymore, never have been one, or it was a long , hard struggle to get there. But, in this room, we all understand. And we aren’t afraid to hear your sad and heart wrenching story. It was just such a blessing and a comfort to be there, and for the hope which springs from it! And I’ll always be a mom, even if I don’t have any children calling me mama at this moment in time!


Can you tell that I loved the umbrella/pretty parasol decorations?


Everything was so lovingly planned for this event, down to the tiniest detail. We all felt absolutely spoiled and cared for!


Here’s my version of the craft!





We even had “swag bags” full of lots of fun gifts!


I won the “Choose Joy” wall hanging and the “Choose Joy” Bible verse notebook!


I love my new headband!!


Read more about my reason for attending this event here.

Once again, JJ Heller’s song is a perfect fit for this topic.

Choose Joy Conference


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