Choosing Joy Through Devastation

Choose Joy Conference

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

The moment is nearly here. Saturday, I’ll be attending the Choose Joy Conference for people like me who are childless and have experienced failed adoption. It’s also for those who have lost children in other ways and several different issues that are so difficult for us to understand and deal with Every.Single.Day. I’m excited to experience this level of understanding and support from others who are in the same boat, because I’ve spent 11 years looking for something like this. I’m praying that I will meet at least one person I can really relate to, and build a support system with.  Someone who truly understands the emotions I deal with Every.Single.Day. But I know that no matter who I meet, I will be encouraged and be reminded of God’s love, will and plan for my life!

No matter what people think or tell you, we never fully “get over” losing a child. Whether you lose them through death, a failed adoption, etc. We can heal and we can move on, but we will always feel their absence in our lives. Even if we could have had our own or adopted other kids, we would still feel our Sweet Girl’s absence Every.Single.Day.

I’m looking forward to some good sessions, more healing and possibly meeting someone in the same boat…because I have never met ANYONE else in the past 11 years who has been through a failed adoption while also remaining childless, like us…NO ONE!!! I sympathize with the way Sarah in the Bible must have felt…so hopeless and alone. But my God is a God of HOPE!!! Maybe I’ll meet a new friend/pen pal/supporter, as I continue a lifetime of healing from losing our precious, little sweetheart. That would be so great!! If you think of me in the next couple of days, would you please pray for me? I know God is in control and I am so very thankful to have that assurance. I also know He cares…about us and her, but sometimes it’s hard to grasp. Thank you for “listening” friends. :>

Our God is a God of HEALING and HOPE!!

Thank you JJ! I don’t know how, but she seems to truly get it.

More about our journey here and here.

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