Modest Mondays: Future Outfits


Another shlumpy week with no outfit photos to share, so I thought I would share a couple of “new to my wardrobe” items I’m excited about for Modest Monday with the Modest Mom. Later you’ll see them become a part of actual outfits!

I bought this BEAUTIFUL floral top at a little shop on the birthday trip to Solvang last month with my sweetie and mother-in-law. I just couldn’t look away from it’s loveliness, and decided it would be my “birthday trip special purchase” of the day! It was only $12.50 after all. It just screams my personality with it’s femininity, flowers, understated ruffles and fabric flower And it’s high enough that I don’t have to wear a modesty top with it…BONUS!

Oh, so lovely! Let’s look at it again…sigh.


I may pair it with this skirt from Old Navy…


But the waistband may be too bulky…we’ll see.

I bought this little pouch at a friend’s Thirty-One party and I’m thinking of adding a strap, so that it’s a bona fide purse. I did buy the coordinating wrist strap. Sadly this print is going bye bye…my favorite.


I bought this beautiful lace top at Kohl’s with their last $10 off $10 or more. I just LOVE those coupons!!


I may pair it with this navy linen skirt I bought for $1 at WalMart…


What new items have you recently added to your wardrobe?


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One thought on “Modest Mondays: Future Outfits

  1. That top you bought as your birthday treat is beautiful! I love how pretty and feminine modesty is. And those Kohl’s coupons are the best!

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