Recipe Exchange: Hash Brown Patties


One day I was thinking about potato pancakes. Someone probably mentioned them, who knows. Anyway, they were on my mind for a couple of days, along with the memories of my childhood friend and her dad and his potato pancakes. The other thing is, I’m a HUGE breakfast girl!! I LOVE breakfast food! Especially crispy, yummy HASH BROWNS!!! Yum,Yum, Yum!!

So I started melting these 2 ideas together in my head…and dreams. Then one day, I just gave it a go. I began experimenting. And what I came up with is my new favorite breakfast food, HASH BROWN PATTIES.!! I don’t eat them very often, but they’re a great Saturday treat! I usually pair them with a couple of scrambled or boiled eggs.

I think you’ll enjoy these too, so I’m linking the recipe for them to the Old Fashioned Recipe Exchange with Little House on the prairie Living. They’re easy and yummy!


Hash Brown Patties

2 cups hash browns

1 egg (stick with one, too much egg will make it too runny on the griddle and too mushy, less crispy)

handful of shredded cheese

A dash of salt and pepper

bacon bits or pieces if you have them

1-2 pats of butter

**Mix everything together in a bowl. Melt half of the butter on a griddle or in a frying pan on medium-low heat. Place spoonfuls of hash brown mix on the griddle and form into 8 or 9 flat circles. If you don’t flatten them the potatoes inside may not fully cook, plus you’ll miss out on some of the crispy yumminess. And then…LEAVE THEM ALONE until they’re crispy on the first side, about 10 minutes. If you give them too much attention, they will not crisp up, and if you cook them too quickly, they will not be cooked all the way through. When the first side is the desired crispiness, add the rest of the butter to the uncooked sides and flip them over. And once again, LEAVE THEM ALONE! I can cook 8 of these on my large griddle, so they’re all ready at the same time. Yay!

The ingredients:


Everything mixed together.



Cooking the first side, see what happens when you have too much egg?



Happy eating everyone!

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