Inspiration with LBD Project for Uganda


Source: LBD Project

It all started with browsing Pinterest. I kept seeing this girl with these outfits, pretty typical for Pinterest, right? But I never clicked on one or repinned any…then one day, I DID! I know that many people NEVER click all the way through to the original website that posted the photo, but I often do. Yes, I love this pink top, and this wasn’t even the original outfit that led me here. But what a surprise…and blessing to discover that this about SO MUCH more than fashion!

The LBD Project.

This sweet girl, Tatiana,  is doing something unique and valuable. Something Christ might even do. She’s wearing the same dress for 365 days. Why? For the people of Uganda. Many of them have only one set of clothing…just ONE. So she’s (sort of) pretending she’s in the same boat. Of course, she gets to spruce hers up with different accessories, but still, every day as she puts on the same dress again, she’s reminded of the people of Uganda. She prays for them, she’s saving money to send to them and encouraging us to do the same. And another girl began her own LBD journey through May.

So what is LBD? Little Black Dress, because her ONE dress is black.

One girl.

One dress.

One year.

I just love her sweet heart for the Lord and His will!

“The ‘giving’ love. The ‘it’s not about me’ sort of love. That’s the kind of love I want to show you, and the world, and these children.”

Source: LBD Project

You know what else? I saw that she was from Prinville, Oregon and thought that was interesting, since I’m from Oregon and know people from Prineville. I shared about her on Facebook, and it turns out she’s a friend of the Sweet Flower Girl from our wedding almost 14 years ago! She’s now about to turn 17!! It just keeps getting better!!

So visit her LBD Project blog and read about her journey. It’s just begun! And maybe you’d like to GIVE and help her reach or surpass her goals.

And I love that she posted this video on my birthday!

If this story doesn’t make you smile today, you have a heart of stone! I mean, I don’t see how anyone can read her blog without smiling! Happy Tuesday!  :>

Growing Home


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