Modest Mondays: Everyday Purple Dress


My sweetie and I have been sick, so no church and no outfit photos. :<  I also spent TONS of time working on a Grab Button for my blog and some other things. My brain is on overload!!

But rather than skip Modest Monday, I thought I would re-share an old post from when I blogged through iWeb. Don’t ask if you can read those old posts, because they are unavailable for now with Mobile Me disappearing and other issues. Blah! Anyway, I thought I’d share an outfit I wear a lot when it’s warm out, and the past few days have brought the return of our usual summer-like weather. I’m still praying for more cooler temps and rain before the heat kicks in for the loooong months ahead though. Of course, when I say that, everyone cringes and screams “NO!” But I would think we can all put up with 2 months of Autumn-like weather when we have sun the rest of the 10 months! :>

Anyway, here’s a dress I’ve been wearing a lot lately, and my original write-up about it.


“Once again I’m linking up with The Modest Mom for Modest Mondays. Today I’m sharing what I wore on Friday, because my Sunday outfit was a repeat outfit I’ve already shared.

I can’t remember where I bought this dress recently. I’m sure it’s from a discount store like Marshall’s/Ross or Target/Walmart. Actually I think I remember that I bought it at Walmart, even though I don’t shop there much anymore. I love that it at least has little sleeves, since sooo many dresses these days are sleeveless. I get tired of wearing cardigans or having to make my own sleeves. And cardigans just make me hotter in the land of heat. So this was a nice find. I wear a tank top or Cami Secret panel I’ve adapted to work better, with most of my dresses, since almost all of them are too low. I added this necklace with interchangeable pendants, and used the one with green and purple to match my purple dress. The shoes? Black Sanita Merrie, Mary Jane style clog.”




How do you practice modesty?


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