Modest Monday: Gray Jumper – 60’s Style


Monday has arrived once again and that means it’s time to get back to Modest Mondays with the Modest Mom. I fully intended to get back to it last week, but C’est la Vie…

So yesterday I wore a 60’s style gray jumper I picked up somewhere a while ago…maybe from Mervyn’s? It’s been too long to remember. I do love the cuter 60’s styles like you see on Gidget or in Hayley Mills films! And it was a little chilly, but warmer this weekend, so I wore leggings, but not boots and just a little cardy.





Dress: Mervyn’s?

T-shirt: Kohl’s

Cardigan and Tights: Maxx Plus

Shoes: Sanita

Necklace: The Parable Christian Store

Earrings: Kohl’s






P.S. When I previewed the post, I noticed that outfit in the top picture is crooked. But I’m NOT retaking the photos! :>


And here’s a great blog post at Walking Redeemed about modesty in case you’re interested. I’m continually learning more about being modest the way God calls us to as His followers.

Walking Redeemed

What are your thoughts about modesty?


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