Childhood Nostalgia


A couple of high school friends have been posting photos of things we grew up with in Portland, Oregon. One friend brought up our famous and well-loved Senn’s Drive-in Dairies, and I thought, “It’s time I lug those bottles my cousin-in-law gave me awhile back, down off of the top of the refrigerator and FINALLY take photos of them. The bonus? I took them with my brand-spankin’-new camera!! Sometimes there’s a benefit to putting it off. :> And honestly, it wasn’t  too much work dusting them off – whew!


We had a family friend who worked at Senn’s, so many times we didn’t even have to “Drive-In,” we would tell him our order and he would deliver it right to our door! I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with dairy, which means I didn’t ingest much milk and that only made my taste buds even more sensitive to the freshness of milk. But let me say this, I would ALWAYS drink a glass of it the day our Senn’s arrived, in their super fresh, glass bottles!  “The Freshest Milk In Town!!” And of course I loved their yummy ice cream!


So this post is for all of the Senn’s Drive-In Dairy fans out there!! Those who loved the novelty of pulling up under that covering over the driveway and having your fresh milk handed to you with a smile and a cute carrier! Those who appreciate the old fashioned one on one interaction and personable service. Those who know that newer isn’t always better!








And here’s more info about Senn’s!

And more Portland nostalgia from the 70’s: The Kite Man!! Did they edit out a word? I thought it’s ending was, “with Pacific Power and Light.”

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