The Night Before Christ’s Birth!


Last year I started a rewrite of the poem, “The Night Before Christmas.” Of course, as usually happens, I ran out time as other more important tasks took over. Then it came to mind on our drive home Christmas night and I decided to finish it. So here it is!

Twas the night before Christ’s birth, and all through the stable,

Not a creature was stirring, not even the cow Mable.

The cloths were readied by the manger with care,

In hopes that Messiah, soon would be there.

The animals were nestled all snug in their stalls,

Not one of them was stirring, no bellows or calls.

And Mary in humility and I doing right,

Had just settled in for the long winter night.

When all of a sudden, Mary’s time had drawn near,

And the animals awoke, by the sounds they could hear.

The stable was alive, everything was aflutter,

The cow could not even give any butter!

The shepherds were herding their sheep on this night

When suddenly, they saw a great light.

And what to the shepherds eyes should appear?

But angels from heaven, with a message so clear.

A bright star above, leading the way,

Guiding the shepherds, to the Babe born, that day.

They traveled so quick, to see the great sight

Yet continually following that starry light.

And as they arrived, a miracle there lay

God’s own true Son, was lying in the hay.

Messiah had come, though not as expected,

He came just the same, though He would be rejected.

The long awaited day was finally here,

A Savior arrived, God came near.

So many things ahead for this baby, yet King,

So many reasons for us all to sing.

But for now His subjects were few in this stable,

Just Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and Mable!

Praying you all had a wonderful celebration of Christ’s birth!



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