Turning 45!




Today I’m turning 45, and a week ago I was feeling a little sad, for several different reasons. But, surprisingly, I started my day feeling very blessed! My first mother called to wish me a Happy Birthday within moments of my waking, and I’ve had so many happy greetings from friends and family already thus far. I also opened a few amazingly thoughtful gifts! I’m getting ready to head into town and later I’ll meet up with my sweetie for my favorite meal at a local restaurant with a gift card. What is my favorite meal? Chicken Fettuccine!!! I don’t eat it often, but oh how yummy it is!

And to extend the celebration, my in-laws will be coming up soon and we’ll be going to Solvang, a little Danish town nearby! I Love it there, and I LOVE the Swedish Delight at The Oleson’s Bakery!! Meringue, nuts, chocolate and whipped cream = a WINNER!


Turning 1 year old!!

So today I’m feeling thankful and blessed, for a long lost mother, friends and family, near and far and a Savior who loves me more than any of them!!!

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