Gingerbread Headband Diy

If you’re thinking about Christmas outfits and gifts, here’s an idea you might like that I decided to re-post again this year. I’m a HUGE gingerbread decor fan, so that’s what I used for my headband! This is a handy craft that can be done in lots of different ways, for different occasions, colors, moods, etc. I had so many comments from people on this particular headband! : >

My favorite Christmas symbol after the Nativity is anything gingerbread related, so I had to snatch these up.

I found a reindeer (gingerbread) antler headband at Target for a dollar.

And these are ALL the materials you need:

A headband

Your decoration



I carefully snipped the legs off of the headband and sewed it onto a different headband, wrapping the thread around the headband and poking the needle partially through the gingerbread boy, without puncturing the front of him. Tie a knot and snip the thread and you’re ready to go!

And if you’re ready to do some Christmas shopping and want to support small businesses, head on over to my handmade ETSY SHOP!

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