Modest Monday: A Stylish Outfit

Welcome once again to Modest Monday with the Modest Mom! This week I’m sharing one of my outfits that makes me feel very stylish. And the pleasant surprise? Someone at church actually complimented my  “stylish outfit.” It feels dressier and reminds me a bit of the way I dressed in college and my thinner days.

The top and skirt are both thrift store finds I’ve had for at least a few years.

The tank top? Maybe Mervyn’s?

The boots are from last spring, but I already forgot what store I found them in.

This beautiful amber shamrock necklace and Claddagh earrings were gifts from my in-laws a few years ago.

What are you wearing during this Autumn season?

Artful Homemaking


4 thoughts on “Modest Monday: A Stylish Outfit

  1. That rich brown is so very pretty with your auburn/red hair~
    Thank you for sharing it with the community at Deep Roots in the Link-up:) I appreciate your blog and am looking forward to getting to know you better, new friend!

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