Remembering My Father


My dad with his 9th child (I’m the oldest of 11 children)…my mom told him not to smile because of his teeth. It’s so out of character for him!



Today I’ve been remembering my father, as today would have been his 67th birthday if he hadn’t died 2 months ago. He was an optimist like me, and a smiler like me. :> I firmly believe those aspects of our personalities have helped us weather many storms in our lives. My parents fought a lot, and there were many hard times we faced, individually and also as a family, but my dad could always recover pretty quickly with that fun loving way of his. It really can be such a blessing, and it’s always the way I think of him, smiling, joking and laughing!!


My parents in the late ’80’s at The Enchanted Forest.

Some of His Loves:

Perry Mason

Sci Fi like Star Trek and  Star Wars

Time Travel

Sports like Hockey, Basketball and Baseball (live and televised)


Black Cherry Pop Shoppe Pop

Non-Chocolate Birthday Cake

I’m sure I’ll think of more as I contemplate. I share so many of the same likes with him. I’m thankful for those reminders of him, especially now that he’s gone, because a part of him is still here with me. Along with his ready smile! :>


His high school senior picture!

Earlier today I put some fresh flowers at the temporary remembrance spot we made for him here, so many miles from where his body is laid in my hometown. And shed a few tears. As I left, I thought of some good ideas to create a more permanent one soon. One that will honor him, while also reminding me more of my home state of Oregon, and his.

The flowers I placed in his honor.


So tonight we’re saying Happy Birthday by watching the pilot episode of Star Trek on Netflix, and remembering…MY DAD!



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