New Large Bicycle Vases

Well, I promised a new product today, and I’m squeaking it in! I had a lot to do today and barely got one of the listings up on Etsy before it was time to head into town for last minute gifts for a wedding tomorrow and a monthly Girl’s Night Out. So, I’m finally getting this blog post written to announce the new products.

The new product that is FINALLY here is: BICYCLE VASES!!

One of my most popular items have been the Miniature Bicycle Vases. But they were actually an after-thought to these Bicycle Vases. When I was searching for materials, something to act as a vase, I found the miniature toys and knew they could become Miniature Vases! Then I found the materials for my these, my original idea. These are the girl versions, but I’ll be getting the boy versions finally finished and up in the next week. At least that’s the plan!

The Bicycle Vase hooks onto your basket with the elastic band and flower button. Add a flower and cycle off an a fun and carefree adventure! You can change the flower with your mood or the seasons, and you’ll smile as you cycle! In green, yellow, turquoise and pink, you, a friend, or a child you know are sure to enjoy this addition to your bicycle basket.





The pretty shavings from drilling the holes…




I’ll try to get more listed tomorrow, so pop on over to the shop and take a peek, and stop by again soon to see the boy’s vases!







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