31 Days of Heart and Home: Wrapping Up

Guess what? Today wraps up the 31 Days Challenge, where I’ve been talking about getting my HOME in order and building the habit of working on my HEART regarding spending time with God. This last day sort of sneaked up on me, but I’m ready to move on to other topics. It’s been REALLY hard trying to stick to these 2 topics every day! But guess what else? I haven’t finished with my HEART or my HOME, so I’ll be keeping you updated, even though I’ll be talking about some other things I’ve been waiting SO long to talk about. Wait and see!

God has really been speaking to me about my HEART, and although I feel like we are making real progress on our HOME, I think there has been even more progress on my attitude and relationship with my Savior, as it should be. I’m so thankful for his patience and graciousness!

So thank you all for tuning in to hear about my little corner of the world, and stay tuned for new adventures, starting with the launching of a new product in my ETSY SHOP tomorrow! YAY!! And thank to my cousin-in-law for her help on the boy versions!! One thing I’ve been working on, is incorporating more boy products into my SHOP, thanks to the suggestions from a couple of customers with only boys. So the newest one arrives tomorrow, along with the girl version. Come back tomorrow for a glimpse!! :>

I LOVE these items from Cupcake Kingdom in Santa Barbara! They inspire me in decorating and color in my HOME as well as color, pattern and whimsy in my SHOP!! Candy can be SO colorful!!


What are you challenging yourself with in the coming months?







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