31 Days of Heart and Home: Modest Mondays Autumn Skirt


With just a few days left of my 31 Day challenge, I’m ready to move on to new things, but glad for the changes that have come about because of these 2 topics I chose.  I think I’ll continue to share updates about them with you, that way I’ll continue on , just not daily.

This weekend we made great strides in our organizing, and are FINALLY able to get going on our piles of laundry. Yay!! Now it’s time for another edition of Modest Mondays. I didn’t really choose my outfit well, with how hot it was yesterday, but I really wanted to wear something Autumn colored. I mean it IS NOVEMBER!

I just ADORE the rust color of this corduroy skirt from Bass Outlet.

The scarf was a gift I think, with the perfect shade of rust to match the skirt. And I’m an elephant lover, so I love the elephants on it. I took a risk with the green on the scarf, but I felt like there was enough rust. And the green was Autumn-y!

I couldn’t resist a photo of our lovely cross while I was out taking photos!

I now live in a state without seasons, but I’ve always loved the colors and cooler weather weather of Autumn. (Definitely NOT cooler here…it was 93 degrees today!)


What do you like about Autumn?


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