31 days of Heart and Home: Inspriation

Red, Blue and Yellow Crocheted Tea Cozy


Honestly, with family visiting and then catching up on things since then, I haven’t spent much time on de-cluttering or organizing for the past week and a half. But I HAVE gained renewed INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION for crafting, and those are always welcome for a business owner! I love talking over ideas with my cousin-in-law!!







I’m also constantly amazed at the way jewelry, clothing and accessories can inspire me! I bought a new, beautiful Claddagh ring over the weekend, and I am inspired EVERY single time I look at it…it is just so PRETTY and PINK!! I t actually reminds me to get making fun and pretty things. Isn’t that great? This was by far worth the money I paid for it. And it fits me better than my original, given to me while I was working as a missionary in Ireland, and was thinner..It really doesn’t take much to inspire me, but I do need inspiration to keep me going when I get into slumps of crafting, just like anyone else in their work.






What inspires you?



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