31 Days of Heart and Home: Family and Craft Boutiques

I spent most of my time today with relatives who arrived last night. My cousin-in-law and I are helping each other brainstorm some different ideas for each other, and it’s really fun! And she’s trying to talk me into making the trek home with her to keep her company on the long drive. She knows how tempting a trip home to Oregon is for me. Isn’t she clever?

I find it so hard to protect “working” time, when of course I can make my own schedule. But what often happens is, that means I don’t have a good “set” schedule, and other things can so easily eat away at my time. Alas, that is why this blog post is coming so late at night, because this is my chance to snag time for it. I really need to figure out a more efficient plan for my days and my life!

You know what is extra nice about having your very close friend visit and eat up your time? Our time is never wasted. And one of the reasons I say that is because she inspires me, encourages me, supports me and makes me a better shop owner of handmade creations. The other reason though is because she’s just so much fun to be with! I’m also refreshed after time spent with her! Do you have a friend in your life who does that for you? And she’s even my relative now too, these past 13 years!

So, besides brainstorming, we did a little bit of fun shopping, mostly window, but we did each find something. I’m not sure how I will incorporate it yet, but I found a beautiful rice paper lantern in my shop colors…for $6! I want to do something cute with it for my booth at craft boutiques and faires, something that will also add height. I absolutely LOVE it!!!

What inspires you, in your business or in life?




**I’m also connecting this post to Saturday Upsides with Recipes Happen!


3 thoughts on “31 Days of Heart and Home: Family and Craft Boutiques

  1. Thank you for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚
    If you don’t want to post on the weekends, you’re always welcome to post it on Friday even if mine’s not up yet. Just leave me a comment on my “Saturday upsides” page and link there. ๐Ÿ™‚


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