31 days of Heart and Home: A House vs. A Home

Lovely Cottage



I’ve  just arrived home with some plastic shoe boxes so we can continue organizing the clutter, because let’s face it, we’re keeping some of it. And if we’re keeping things, they need to have a home, so that WE can have a home! Because there is a difference between having a house and a having a home, as we all know. A HOUSE is a roof over our heads, a place to store our stuff and sleep out of the elements. But a HOME is oh so much more! And I would like to have more! A home is a respite, a sanctuary, comfort,refreshment, security, inspiration and LIFE! I want a HOME, and HOMES are not ruled by clutter and STUFF. Homes my have some clutter, but they are not ruled by it!

So tomorrow I plan to fill those boxes, before I’m allowed to run off and have fun with the relatives arriving in about an hour tonight!

This is a way I help my car feel homey!

And this would be a cute home away from home!

What makes your house feel like a home?

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