31 Days of Heart and Home: Getting To Know Me

I was reading the Recipes Happen blog and really liked this idea. It’s always fun getting to know people better, so here’s your chance to get to know me in a different way!

What’s your nickname?

I’ve had these over the years: Tiffie, Pinkie, Sunny, Gidget, Tiffers, Tiff and Tif

Where do you live?

I’m and Oregon transplant, living in California

What’s your favorite thing to do?

Dates with my sweetie or crafts: sewing, crocheting/knitting, scrapbooking.

How tall are you?


What color are your eyes?


Are you single or taken?


How many siblings do you have?


What kind of pets do you have?


What’s your favorite animal?


Did you do well in school?


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

10 years ago I would have said with children and back on the mission field. 10 years from now? I’d still like at least one child, but otherwise, serving Christ and helping people see their need for Him, here or afar.

Are your parents married/separated/divorced?

Married -divorced-remarried each other: starting 43 years ago. But my 66 year old dad recently died.

Do you like chocolate?


Are you easily amused?

No, but I am rarely bored, and have always been that way. That’s how we were raised in the “olden” days, to entertain ourselves.

What’s your favorite song?

Lately it would be “I Believe Your my Healer.” It’s hard to pick one song. I love Point of Grace, JJ Heller and Crystal Lewis.

Do you like to paint your nails?

When’s your birthday?

December 27th

Were you a difficult child?

I was adopted, so I tried to be the perfect kid so I wouldn’t be given away again…but I do have some fire in me now.

What’s your best childhood memory?

Camping with all of the relatives for 10 days EVERY summer in adjoining campsites at Cape Lookout State Park in Oregon!! It was the ONLY time no one fought! :>

What/Who makes you happy?

Christ, my sweetie, children, time with friends and crafting.

Do you cry a lot?

Sometimes, but I get choked up more often by a film or ad that pulls the heartstrings.

Explain yourself in one word.


Where is your dream vacation?

Ireland or Amish country

Do you wear glasses/contacts?

Reading glasses

Are you bilingual?

I speak a bit of French and Pennsylvania Dutch (a type of German) and even less Irish. 

Last Question : Do you have patience?

Not much!

Of course, I’m still working on the clutter and such around the house.This shelf acts as extra storage for clothes, because a girl needs more than 2 1/2 drawers for her clothes! So I went through some of my clothes and gave away a bag full, then straightened up the bins. I’ll be going through the rest and getting rid of even more clothes, I’m sure! And there’s still my closet, of course!

Have a great weekend!

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