31 Days of Heart and Home: God is Enough




Welcome back to 31 Days of Heart and Home, a 31 day linkup with The Nester. Here’s a recap if you’re new. Each blogger picks a topic to blog about for 31 days, and I’m blogging about Heart and Home, meaning reading God’s word everyday and working on the clutter in our home.










So here’s the update on our “new” entertainment center: It’s basically all set up and running…yay! I loved the fact that we had a separate TV room in our old house in Oregon, without all of the electronics and cords cluttering up the living room. Here, we have everything in one room, so I love that this center has a door to hide the TV, at least. It feels like everything is contained and better organized in general, so yay!












I love this Word from God that reminds me of a couple of times I really needed to lean on God.

John 14:18  “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.”


We all need comfort at times, and God the ultimate comforter, in EVERY situation! With my father’s recent death, as well as some other circumstances, it always makes a difference knowing my heavenly Father will always be with me, He never leaves me.


This quote is EXACTLY what I experienced when I moved to Ireland by myself and knew absolutely no one there! The first months were very difficult and oftentimes lonely, but I truly learned the importance of completely relying on God for ALL of my needs. I also had VERY little money to live on while I was there, so I really had to trust Him. And He definitely came through and provided all I needed!



“When we have nothing left but God, we will find that He is enough.” Wanda Brunstetter




I sold these barrettes this week and the person who bought them is going to wear them to a wedding in Ireland! It’s always fun to hear how people will use the product!








Have a lovely day!

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