31 Days of Heart and Home: Organizing the Business

I spent some time  today organizing some business stuff  by designating a small bin for shipping supplies and sorting out and reorganizing my accordion file case. I found this beautiful work of art several years ago at Ross or Marshall’s and first kept card making supplies for toting in it, I think. Then when I started my Etsy business almost 2 years ago, I decided it would be a stylish way to carry things I need when I host a booth at Craft Boutiques. It even holds my money wallet for those events! I just love how pretty it is and it’s versatile 5 pockets that give me options for organizing. I also keep a pretty file folder in there holding important items, such as venue phone numbers, new orders, etc.  That way I can just pull it out when needed…so handy! I may just put a file folder in each slot, as it makes everything so easy. : >

When I package up an order, which I need to do tomorrow, because someone just ordered a Miniature Bicycle Vase today, here are the supplies I use. I’ve been keeping them thrown together, but not as nicely organized as this. I feel so “put together” having this bin for almost everything! The envelopes, boxes, tissue paper and packing tape don’t fit, so they’ll be staying in their same spot for now. I wrap orders in white tissue paper, close it with a pretty sticker and tie it with this pretty yarn. I include a business card, packing slip I print just before mailing and a Truly Skrumptious return address label. Baker’s twine is very popular right now, but I fell in LOVE with the Sugar and Cream yarn that I use for just about all of my crocheting and knitting, and I love using the green and pink versions for packaging.

This was definitely the most fun organizing project of the day!

Source: etsy.com via Tiffanie on Pinterest

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